About Us

Hey there! My name is Tim Lally, and a couple of years ago I decided to start making and selling clothes. It was the summer of 2019 and I had this to make some designs and after making some for a couple of weeks, I had finally made some that I thought were really cool! I told one of my really good friends about it, and we figured that between the two of us, we would be able to sell a couple of shirts and, hopefully, make a couple of dollars while doing it!

After a lot of hard work and some business savvy moves, we had our own little company. We made our first set of 30ish shirts, and were off to the races trying to sell them to fund our next set. Both of us were really big into the clothing and shoe resale market, but neither of us had ever tried to sell anything that we had made before. It's a completely different world, having to sell something that has no brand recognition; no assurance of quality, no real presence outside of our own heads. Each sale was tough and hard earned, but eventually we had all 30 sold. We made some mistakes after that; listened to the wrong people, made some wrong moves, but always came out of it with a whole new understanding for how the industry works. 

After a couple years, our lives were going in different paths, so we unfortunately had to split and go our separate ways. I knew that the brand was strong though, and I've been able to carry it out by myself now for about 2 and a half years. I ended up doing everything all from my house. I learned how to sew and all! Either way, I've never had more fun working on anything in my life, and thank you so much for being so interested in the company to read all of this! 

I hope you wear the shit out of whatever piece you order. Stay Hungry and Stay Lounging