Refund Policy

We're Sorry :/

Hey player. Odds are, if you're on this page, then you're probably unsatisfied with your order in some way... and for that, we're incredibly sorry.

For those of you that are familiar with the whole thing we have here, despite all the "we's" and "us" verbiage that we (see) use, it's actually all just one guy. 

I'm just one guy in a tiny office in Roselle. I know what it feels like to order something and be not 100% satisfied with it, though too. So with all that in mind, here's the 2 options we can do...

  • A.) You liked the product, but it doesn't exactly fit as perfectly as you expect it to. I get it, that sucks for sure. Have had it happen to me countless times. Now you're kinda stuck, cause its like you like the shirt, but it could be absolutely perfect if it was a little bigger/smaller, and to go through a whole return for it would be annoying. So here's what we'll do... you keep that shirt, you tell us what size would have been better, and we'll send you one at that new size, completely free of charge. There is a few situations where we wont be able to do this, but in a majority of cases, this will work out beautifully. You may be wondering, when wont this be possible..? Thank you for asking, what a very educated question! Obviously, if its a product that doesn't have a different sizing option, like socks or hats, then this really wouldn't make sense now would it. Additionally, if it's a product that has limited run or is just down to its last few pieces, then we wont be able to do this.
  • B.) You hated the product, you hate us, and you want it all to be done with. Like I said, I get that completely. In this case, instead dealing with a whole you sending the product back to me, and having to figure out everything there, you just keep the shirt. I issue you out a 70% refund as soon as you say this is the goal. I don't want this one to be the case, but I've found that this usually works well for anyone that doesn't want to do option A, everyone leaves the interaction on a positive-enough note.

I understand that both of these are more customer focused plays, and eventually, these options will just be replaced by a normal return policy that would have you sending your package back and me waiting to confirm it, but I was a customer well before I was ever a business owner, and I remember being a kid and having to now get my mom involved on a return, and it just ruining my day. 

If I see that there is a some nonsense going on, and I feel like you're trying to take advantage of the system in place and just keep getting an extra shirt, we reserve the right to enact an "All Sales Are Final" approach. Additionally, all refund requests need to be submitted to us within 7 days (24 hour periods) for us to do all that we can to help you out, anything after that, we will do our best but it's a bit tougher now.

If you made it this far then wow, you must have absolutely hated your experience, or you love reading! Either way, use code "WellEducated" to show us how good of a reader you are, and get 15% off your next purchase!


Hope this helps clear up some info from us to you!