Castaway Cowboy Long Sleeve Shirt


Howdy Partner! In just a truly beautiful moment of word association and alliteration, the idea of the Castaway Cowboy was born! I was really trying to grow up and make purely original designs and at the time I had been doing a lot of spaghetti western style whistling; you know, that whoooooweeooweeoo whistle that makes you think of tumbleweeds and dirt.

I began to build out this nice little seen of a cowboy rolling through a town, but not a strong and tough one like John Wayne, like a normal everyday guy like from Blazing Saddles. I had that in mind, and I had this cool idea of doing a Vegas themed shirt, so I drew on that neon sign idea for the color scheme. The part that finally pushed the idea to the forefront of my mind was having it be like an Assassin's Creed style wanted poster on the front, thus giving that like semi playing card look to it.

All in all just a bulletproof design, raw color scheme, and a dynamite shirt! And if you read through this absolute mouthful of a description, use the code COWBOY to get $10 off. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk


  • 6 oz white long sleeve shirt

  • Castaway Cowboy Wanted Card on the front, Stay Lounging silhouette on the back

  • Go use that promo code 

  • Unisex Adult sizing