Sand Box Logo Hoodie


A newer take on our original style of sweatshirts. These new hoodies are 8 oz, compared to the usual 10 oz, making them much more wearable while it's warm out. Truly just a perfect bonfire type vibe hoodie; that is as long as you're fine with it getting that bonfire smell on it (you know like all smokey, then you kinda have to wash it within the next like 3 days. Plus you can't even put them in your dirty clothes pile because then it kinda makes everything else smell like it too, so like when you take something off the top of the pile that really isn't dirty, but you didn't want to hang it up it'll be smokey :/ anyway enjoy the hoodie!)

  • 8 oz lightweight sand yellow hoodie

  • Box logo on the front, Large Bookman logo on the back

  • "Hourglass Sand" Tan - wild sexy name, I know

  • Unisex Adult Sizing