Macadamia Set Hoodie


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You know, as a principle I try hard not to break the law. That's just the kind of guy I am. Every once in a while, however, the lines between what is fair and just and what isn't come into question. It's like jaywalking; I'm not hurting a soul by crossing here in the middle of this road, but by the letter of the law it is a crime! With that in mind, we here at Castaway Club Clothing don't think less of those who have a victimless crime under their belt, and encourage those of you out there to act under your own moral compass. Cross that street to get to Starbucks quicker! Go down that isle at Target that has the arrow going the other way but your pack of Dr. Pepper's is only like 2 feet in. Borrow that logo to put on some shirts as long as you make it look pretty cool (it's a limited run anyway!)


  • 10 Oz heavyweight white hoodie

  • 5 inch Front Graphic, 11 inch Back graphic 

  • 100% cotton garment

  • Unisex Adult Sizing

*Wash cold for the first wash, to prevent shrinkage upon later washes. I hope you have fun wearing it because we had a blast making it. Stay warm and Stay Lounging