Macadamia Set Tee Shirt


If you thought our shirts couldn't get any better then let me be your bearer of bad news. THE NEW NECK TAGS ARE HERE TO STAY. Yes, as much as we loved the original ones, nothing else really adds that chef's kiss like the nice, woven neck tags. And if you're one of those folks that likes to cut them off because they "itch your neck" then that's fine, cut them off after I spent 10 minutes sewing it on for you. Do whatever dog, it's your shirt. Just please don't convert it into a sleeping shirt. Apparel wise, there is no lower spot than a sleeping shirt, just do us that one pleasantry. 

  • 6 Oz, 100% cotton white shirt

  • 5 Inch front logo, 11 Inch back graphic

  • Semi-loose fitting, fits true to size 

  • Unisex Adult Sizing